четвъртък, 19 август 2010 г.

How I ate your father...

Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away
There was the father of my little babes.

He was little fighter, he was kind of warrior,
In time of reproduction he was kind of glorious.
You may think it’s easy for us to copulate,
But your pathetic daddy gave his life away.

To prove himself as a courageous man
He climbed over my bright green flesh.
Although he knew it was his first-last chance,
He actually performed not so very grate.

But as we all know it would be insane
For you to grow, my little babes,
If your father was a selfish man
And on his shoulders there was a head.

That’s why I tore your dad apart -
At first I pick his head and then his tiny arms,
I ate his eyes with appetite,
I squished his wings and broke his feelers.

At last there was no single blood-drop left -
Your father had become my food!
But in my memories he always stays so brave -
That man – my hero in the giant wood!

picture: by Aarone
idea: by Aarone
text: by Stanislava

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